theMEDIAdash Local Launches in Beta

Ah, the fruits of our labor are ripening.  Today, June 20th, is  the official beta announcement day for theMEDIAdash's first product, theMEDIAdashLocal.  theMEDIAdash team has worked long and hard on this and we're pleased to begin showing it off to the world.

Here's a snippet from our press release:

New Self-Serve, Online Platform from The Media Dash Transforms Local Radio Buying-Selling Experience for Local Advertisers and Broadcasters

New Jersey, Denver and New Orleans Markets Go Live

FAIRFIELD, Conn., June 20, 2011 – A new self-serve online platform designed to improve the buying and selling of local radio advertising has been launched by, Inc. (

Called The Media Dash™ Local (, the digital platform provides an easy way for small- and mid-sized businesses to buy advertising on local radio stations. It is designed to help broadcasters sell premium on-air and streaming commercials to both new and repeat advertisers. Both parties will benefit from the ease, speed and accountability of the system.

The product will be branded locally in each market. The first local radio markets already operating are in New Jersey (, Denver (; and New Orleans ( Two additional markets – Santa Rosa, Calif. and Long Island, N.Y. – are slated to go live in the coming weeks.

“Due to limited resources, local radio stations typically focus their sales efforts on their largest customers, failing to address a broad market opportunity of under-served local advertisers,” said Drew Hilles, CEO of The Media Dash.  “Our goal is to make it as easy to buy local radio as it is to place Internet advertising. The Media Dash Local is designed to bring new advertisers to radio and generate incremental revenues for stations.” 

Stay tuned!



James Cridland Interviewed at Convergence 2011

Editors of Radio Ink interviewed James Cridland after his keynote at Convergence 2011.

Great stuff, well worth a listen.


New Year Day, 2011

This will be a very interesting year for radio. Millions of people are being introduced to mobile audio streaming for the first time with the acquisition of a new smartphone or perhaps a tablet like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

Applications like TuneIn radio are providing unparalleled access to streaming radio stations, both terrestrial-based and pure play. Location-based services like Foursquare and Facebook Check-In are gaining in visibility, if not widespread usage.

Couple that with a more realistic outlook on the part of leaders in the business, optimism tempered with recent memories of almost-disaster.

Radio people in 2011 are beginning to realize that the message from years ago of people like Mark Ramsey is true - it's not 100% about the method of transmission, it's about the quality of the content and a focus on delivering it to as many devices as possible.

We are still on the left side of the consumer adoption slope for mobile streaming - but the slope is getting steeper and a year from now people will not remember not having access to all of the world's streaming audio, anywhere, anytime.

There is a fly in the ointment, and that is the possible future behavior of the ISPs and mobile service providers. Many of these companies have toll booths on both ends of the system - at the content creator's side and at the content listener's end. Some even have a tollbooth in the middle. If you want to get a great analysis of how this may go, check out Tim Wu's new book, The Master Switch. This is a must-read for anyone in a leadership role in the communications business.

How we tie in the world wide reach of our new content delivery platforms with the delivery of consumers to local business will be the radio story of 2011.


Holiday treat

Just downloaded the new iPad app for Squarespace and this is my first post with it. Definitely very nice. Hopefully it will encourage me to post more often!


Ah, what to post?

Just moved radioevangelist to a new host and I have wondering what to post first here. For today, I'll just say that it's really, really hot here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Went up to 100 degrees again this afternoon - way warmer than it should be. Right now, at 6:45 PM, it's 95 degrees in the shade, and just a hint of a breeze. Not exactly conducive to a run or any other outdoor activity. In fact, it's quite daunting to exit the house and get hit with a blast of hot air that is worse than the midsummer heat of Florida. So - what to do? Well, tuning in to WTMD is a great way to chill out... and it worked again today. Thanks for the great tunes! Even though you're not promising a cool down. Maybe tomorrow will be a little cooler.