A Missed Opportunity for WRNR

WRNR, a Baltimore/DC area alternative radio station, was a promotional sponsor of the 12th annual "Maritime Republic of Eastport Tug o' War," held this past Saturday in Annapolis and Eastport, MD.

I heard about the event on 'RNR and decided to go. It was a great afternoon of music, food and fun - including a tug of war between Eastport and Annapolis.

'RNR was there - with a logo-covered tent, a table with station merchandise, and lots of signage all around the venue. A fairly standard radio presence.

But - there was another media outlet there, doing something that the folks at 'RNR could have very easily done.

The Sailing Channel video streamed the entire event live on uStream!

The Sailing Channel?

'RNR could have done exactly the same thing - or, teamed up with The Sailing Channel - and really connected with their audience using a new media platform. All sorts of opportunities presented themselves - interviews with 'RNR fans, the artists who performed on both the stage in Annapolis and Eastport, personality appearances with the winners.

'RNR could have produced this, provided talent and imbedded the stream on their home page.

Radio needs to pay much more attention to these opportunities - or be marginalized by other media outlets like, well, The Sailing Channel.