Dilemma: Should I go to NAB this year?

Many of us are asking this question right now. Many more have already decided, one way or the other. After receiving an email from the NAB Show's PR agency, offering a free exhibit floor pass for posting about the show on this blog, I decided to give it some serious thought. So, I've researched the show, looked at the exhibitor list, trying to figure out if it makes sense to make the not insignificant investment to travel to Las Vegas on my own dime for this show.

The NAB has had its ups and downs. I have been to about 8 of them since 2000. The first was a mind-blowing event; the scale of the show was almost to much to grasp. This continued for several years, until the 2007 show. That's when the declining economy and other factors began to catch up and the NAB show began to contract. One signal was the departure of Apple as an exhibitor. Then came the 2008 show. It was nice because the halls were almost empty of people. But for exhibitors, it was a real disappointment. 2009 brought more of the same, but people expected it so they were prepared with low expectations.

So, I thought about 2010 NAB and wondered if this might just be an event in decline.

There's no way to predict what the attendance will be, but after reviewing the NAB's plans for the show on their website, http://nabshow.com/2010 , I have to say that this could be a very interesting event for anyone interested in the future of broadcast media.

What really prompted me to write this is the news that Shelley Palmer, media pundit and blogger, is going to keynote the technology luncheon. This choice of speaker puts a totally new focus on what the NAB is all about and makes me feel that they are beginning to "get it." Shelley Palmer writes over at Jack Myers' mediabizbloggers and at his own site, MediaBytes.

Oh - and they offered the same deal to readers of RadioEvangelist. So, if you're thinking of going to NAB 2010 and want a free pass that includes (according to the PR agency), "the exhibit floor, Opening Keynote and State of the Industry Address, Info Sessions, Content Theater and Destination Broadband Theater and Exhibits," then click this short link - http://ow.ly/13T8Q or register at http://nabshow.com/register with the code A913.

Enjoy! Maybe I'll see you in Vegas. Tweet your experience to @mediadude.