Connect to your most loyal listeners through social media

p1connect is a service designed specifically to connect your most loyal listeners' social media activity to your radio station's social graph.

Today's active social network user has to access multiple web sites and applications just to  stay in  touch with their friends and stay connected with their favorite radio station.

With p1connect, we bring all of that together.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn - all these and more social media connections are made through p1connect.  Plus, your station's audio streams, Facebook presence, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, YouTube content, podcasts and RSS feeds are all directed through one application that the user keeps open on their phone, tablet or desktop throughout the day.

p1connect - your connection to your most loyal listeners.

p1connect is a service of sisutech.com

sisutech.com is a team of media software professionals who have been delivering software solutions to radio, TV, cable, out-of-home, interactive, print and advertising agencies for more than 20 years.