Jerry Del Colliano on "Radio To Die For"

Jerry's posts - although usually very long - are usually right on the money. But, this one is way off the mark:

Radio To Die For: "Fact is -- radio stopped making compelling content over twenty years ago. We're noticing it more today because radio has become a vacuous entertainment medium that values business over show and thinks it can get away with stuffing cheap commercials into five-minute clusters."


There's a lot of compelling content on terrestrial radio; NPR and PRI programming certainly, but I also hear a lot of great programming from commercial stations as well. Typically these are the independent stations (here in the DC area, WRNR comes to mind; in the Boston area, WXRV is a safe bet) - it seems that the corporate-owned stations are the ones that Jerry is speaking of.

So I ask you - do you know of some corporate-owned radio stations providing compelling content? Add a comment and a link to the station's site so we can check them out. Let's show Jerry that there's some great radio being done by the folks who are toiling under the yolk of the shareholders.