Study: Radio Influences Online Behavior « Audio4cast

Jennifer Lane, of Audio4cast, posted this interesting bit yesterday:

Study: Radio Influences Online Behavior « Audio4cast: - December 17, 2008

A new study of ‘Digital Influencers’ finds that radio plays a significant role in their online behavior. MS&L, a communications firm and part of Publicis Groupe, partnered with Ipsos to survey nearly 1000 people whose online behavior defined them as a Digital Influencer because they frequently researched and passed on information online. The study found that traditional media - newspapers and magazines, television and radio - played a ‘vital role in igniting the process that leads influencers to share information online’. 84% of those surveyed said they go online to learn more after hearing something on the radio or seeing it on television."

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It is vital for marketers to provide a way for listeners to easily access their information - an easy to remember web address is probably best - in the content that they are presenting on the air. Imbed this information into your audio content and use the new "messagecasting" tools available to radio stations to present metadata about the audio content over analog RDS and HD Radio Data Services. With these tools, you can combine an audio message with textual information like a web address, Twitter name or Facebook group.

When you are building your radio marketing campaigns, focus on your core market of influencers and provide a way for your message to go "viral."