Your Wildest Streams - Part 3

It seems that stations aren't using the full capability that they have at their fingertips to make the streaming experience as strong as it should be!

Your Wildest Streams - Part 3: "Radio people don’t seem to realize that listeners don’t understand or care about the legal and talent issues that affect streaming.  All they know is that when they stream their favorite station, they hear the same four PSAs over and over again, or the stream regularly goes dark for a few minutes or, on one station I stream periodically, the annoying message ‘This station is in a commercial break and will return to normal programming in a few minutes,’ plays over and over and over.  Programmers would never permit this on their terrestrial signals, but accept it on their streams."

(Via JacoBlog - Jacobs Media's Blog.)

geand I'll tell you about AudioVault and SoniXtream's ad-blocking features.